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First off Dave and I want to thank you for visiting our page, we hope that we get the chance to learn more about you and what brought you to The Easy Chicken.

We are a family owned business that started several years ago when we decided to venture into the chicken world. We wanted to make sure that the new girls we got were happy because if they are happy, then we are happy while enjoying their eggs.
Throughout the years our girls have ventured from a pen, to the Mansion and now happily live in the Chateau. We have learned what makes them happy and us happy in taking care of them. The products you will find on our site will make raising your animals a pleasure rather than a chore.

Under our sister company A-Plus Builds, we have also built for ducks, dogs, wallabys, goats, pigs, cats, miniature horses, guinea pigs, rabbits and bats. But that list won't stop there. We want to make sure that other animals are as happy as ours. We customize in making homes for all types, along with creating customized necessities for their homes and your home such as ramps for the elder and smaller pets.

We are located in Imperial, just south of St. Louis, Mo.. We have our pet homes across the area such as St. Charles, Hazelwood, Webster Groves, Ladue, Creve Coeur,  South St. Louis, Arnold, St. Louis County, Kirkwood, and have had clients travel from other states as far as Indiana and Illinois.

We have a wide variety of options that can be included. Anything you can do to your home we can do for your pet’s home too, customizing for you and your pet’s needs. Contact us to get started.

Do you have a need for another type of house for a different animal?

No problem we build for all!


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Head over to our other page at A+ Builds to see some of our other products.

Dave and Seckman Elementary's Pet Rabbit
(This picture was taken at Seckman Elementary where A+ Builds donated a rabbit hutch so that one of the classes could bring their pet bunny out during some of the nicer days)


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