Making Backyard Eggs Easier with A+ Builds

The Easy Chicken - Backyard Eggs Made Easier with A+ Builds
New Adventures!

As you might already know Seth and Maria have decided to explore new opportunities and have been working on finding new owners for The Easy Chicken. We wanted to share some exciting news, that search is now over!

I would like to introduce ourselves, we are Dave and Tracy Zahn, owners of A+ Builds and The Easy Chicken. Seth and Maria reached out to us regarding this opportunity and over the past several months we have been collaborating with them to complete this transition. We have worked with them for a few years now, providing custom chicken coops to some of their clients and so felt that this would be a perfect fit.

A+ Builds is a small local business that hand builds custom chicken coops, other pet homes and necessities. At this time we will continue to hand build the high quality customized chicken coops and other pet homes that our clients have been getting over the past years with A+ Builds. In addition we will be offering similar consultative packages that The Easy Chicken has offered in the past. We will also be providing packages that will allow our clients to get the all in one from us, from Chickens and the Coop to some of the needed accessories.

As we dive in, you will begin to see updates on our pages, along with new items, packages, and opportunities in how we can help in making backyard eggs easier. We know that rental was a huge part of The Easy Chicken and hope to continue that in the future after we get settled in.

We want to thank Seth and Maria for this opportunity and wish them the best on their adventures with Jansen Sharpening.

Please join us on this new adventure and continue to follow us for updates.


Thank you,
Dave and Tracy Zahn

Backyard Eggs Made Easier with A+ Builds

September 13, 2020

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