Winterizing Your Coop

coop in winter with snow

Its about time to prep your coop for colder weather! Here in St. Louis it doesn't get cold enough to risk the fire hazard of artificially heating your coop - IF you properly winterize it. Here are a few tips:

  • Block any drafts that could blow on your chickens in the enclosure. Space around doors, between boards that have shrunk, or low ventilation can be culprits. 
  • Make sure there is still ample ventilation to let moisture out of the coop. Winter ventilation is best towards the peak of the roof where there is less risk of draft.
  • Plexiglass can be used to cover any large openings to still allow for light and visibility.
  • Install your heated waterer, making sure to use outdoor-rated cords and covers.
  • Block 2-3 sides of the run with tarp, clear painters cloth or some other material or panels. This will encourage the chickens to spend more time out of the enclosure.
  • Use deep bedding to keep the run a little warmer.

Want more specific advice or have us come out for an on-site visit? Ask about our Chicken Coaching package and On-site services here.

October 1, 2019

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