Cedar Stationary Chicken Coop with planter flower boxHand-crafted for beauty and function.


Like our Easy Care Mobile Coop, we designed our Deluxe Cedar Coop specifically for happy, healthy hens, ease of use, and our St. Louis climate. Hand-crafted right here in St. Louis, you can see the attention to detail.  Your chickens will thank you!



  • Sturdy construction
  • 100% Cedar exterior for durability
  • 20+ year rot-resistant run with locally-sourced Eastern Red Cedar
  • Tongue and groove siding to prevent draft 
  • Attractive planter box
  • Roosting bars
  • Two access doors for enclosure
  • Double doors for run access
  • Pull out nest box
  • Removable, easy-care nest pads for clean, cradled eggs
  • Predator-proof


The enclosure comfortably houses up to six hens. The downstairs run is plenty of room for two hens kept in full time. For 3+ hens we recommend letting them range during the day by opening up one of the run doors, or adding a run extension (see below).

Footprint: 3.5' x 5'
Enclosure: 3.5' x 4'
Planter: 3.5' x 1'
Run height: 3'
Total height: 6'

Steel Roofing
1" x 2" Welded Wire

We build the coop in two pieces, finish putting them together in your yard, then teach you how to care for your hens. 


Run Extension for Stationary Chicken Coop


Locally-Sourced Eastern Red Cedar
1" x 2" Welded wire
Covered for weather protection
Detatches for easy cleaning


portable fencing with chicken rental


Our light weight net enclosure gives your hens over 350 square feet of defined grazing space. Features a built-in step-through gate and netting at bottom is small enough to keep chicks in.

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