A Message From Joseph

Backyard Chickens Made Easy!

Everything you need for fresh, easy eggs at your backdoor!

We want you to have the best possible experience keeping chickens. All of our packages come with support to give you confidence and peace of mind as you delve into the world of backyard chickens.

Want to start with chicks? Enjoy them with our hassle-free, all-inclusive Watch Them Grow program. 

Have a coop but need the rest? Try our Everything But The Coop package. 

Travel too much in the summer? Try our bargain-priced Winter Rental

Just need the coop? Stationary or mobile, we've got you covered.

Want to see our setup and meet our hens in person? Come visit our tent at the Tower Grove Farmers' Market any Saturday (except November 4th) between April 16th and November 12th or contact us to schedule a visit.

Love your rental experience? Put half your rent towards purchase!

Have a dog? No problem. A rental will give you a chance to see how well they get along! We'll help you introduce them.

Going away for a while? We suggest seeing if a neighbor will take care of your girls. If that is not an option, we provide chicken-sitting for a slight fee.

Need a permit? All our packages include Local Regulation Compliance Assistance. We'll guide you through the application process and provide site plans, coop descriptions and any other documents required.


Moving the coop gives the chickens daily access to fresh grass, new bugs and greatly lowers the chances of parasites. Care is simpler, as manure quickly assimilates with and fertilizes your lawn instead of building up on a coop floor. Many of our customers park it in one place and use it as a stationary coop.

No. Roosters are only needed to fertilize the eggs:)

It's impossible to say with certainty, but two chickens will typically lay between 8-12 eggs per week during peak season (May-October). We guarantee 4 eggs per week per hen from May-October.

Of course!

Bonus: rental customers can apply 50% of their rental payment towards purchase.

Yes. We will show you how to introduce your dog to the chickens.

Our coops are designed to protect your hens from foxes, raccoons, dogs, hawks, owls and coyotes. Most people find it sufficient, but we can add a welded wire apron around the perimeter for an additional fee to discourage burrowing.

Let's see! Please visit the Regulations page to find out.

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