Fresh Eggs at Your Backdoor.

We bring you everything you need for fresh, easy eggs at your backdoor: the coop, the feed, the chickens, the feeder and waterer -- and best of all, we're there for you every step of the way with a year of hotline support as you embark on your backyard chicken adventure.

Our hens are each guaranteed to lay 4 eggs per week during peak laying season (April-September) your first year of ownership. We choose breeds that are friendly, hardy, good layers.

Want to see our setup and meet our hens in person? Visit our booth at the Tower Grove Farmers' Market any Saturday during market season, or contact us to schedule a visit.

Not sure if you want to own it all just yet? Try it out for six months and half of your rental can go towards your purchase! Price varies. 

Contact us for pricing



Guaranteed-to-Lay Hens

Easy Care Coop

First Bag of Organic Feed


Year of Easy Chicken Hotline

Private Startup Session

Local Regulation Compliance Assistance

A $1/mile delivery fee applies from 63034.

"Own It All" includes a year of Easy Chicken Hotline Support and guarantee-to-lay.

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