Coop Apron

Coop Apron

Attaches to bottom of Easy Care Mobile Coop to deter digging predators


Heated Water Bowl

Thermostatically Controlled



Want to run your coop designs by us? Need us to evaluate your space for chickens? We're available.

$1/mile for on-site consultation

Local Regulation Compliance Assistance

Some permit processes are more complex than others. We can create and provide site-specific documents needed during the application process.

Applications and simple guidance are provided to customers free of charge. All assistance included with purchase of Easy Care Deluxe Stationary Coop.


Hotline Access

Our Easy Chicken Hotline will give you peace of mind and free you to enjoy your flock! Receive support through email, text or phone.

This service is already included with our Rental and Everything But the Coop packages.


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