Little Coop - Tractor Package - Chicken Coop - Chickens - Missouri - Illinois - St. Louis - Chickens - RabbitsLittle Coop with added tractor package

The cost of this design is $395.00 +tax and does not include delivery. Great for a chicken or rabbit. It also includes the following items:

  • Coop is roughly 2ft wide x 2ft tall x 4ft long
  • White roof
  • Plywood floor in coop
  • Set of wheels and push bars
  • 1 movable 2x4 perch
  • Perch also has a ridge on it for easy scraping to clean out coop
  • 2 circular windows for great ventilation and is secured with hardware cloth
  • Windows made with never rot PVC trim
  • Circular block will be provided to screw in around window for winter months to keep drafts down
  • Exterior door with locking latch, making cleaning or access a breeze
  • Large floor door for chickens to go to the run under coop
  • Floor door has a 1/4 steel bar lock to keep your girls safe
  • 1 nesting box with drop down door and locking latch
  • Nesting box is removable for easy cleaning
  • Lower run is roughly 2ft x 2ft x 5.4ft long
  • Run is built with treated lumber, and 1/2 x 1/2 hardware cloth on the sides
  • Run floor is open so the chickens can scratch the ground
  • Made with exterior grade siding and comes in your choice of one of our standard colors
  • Ventilation from ridge vent at the roof peak and small openings at the bottom part of the roof
  • Ridge vent runs the length of the roof under the ridge cap


NOTE: There is no cedar or treated lumber inside the coop.



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