Our coops are designed specifically for happy, healthy hens, ease of use, and our St. Louis climate.


Our mobile coops (chicken tractors) come with wheels and handles, so you can move the coop easily to new spots in your yard. Moving the coop provides several benefits: your chickens get daily access to fresh grass and bugs, the chance of parasites is greatly decreased, and chicken droppings can more easily be absorbed by and fertilize your lawn (rather than building up on a coop floor). 

Hinges, handles, and wheels found at the St. Louis Habitat for Humanity ReStore give each of our coops a unique personality!​


  • Sturdy construction
  • Attractively stained & sealed
  • Nesting box
  • Roosting bars
  • Two access doors
  • Wheels and handles for ease of moving
  • Removable, easy-care nest pad for clean, cradled eggs
  • Predator-proof enclosure
  • Designed specifically for the St. Louis climate
Length # of Hens Price
6' 2 $1100
10' 2-4 $1200

All Easy Care Coops are 45 inches tall.

Easy Upgrade

Everything you need to start your Chicken Adventure with confidence can be added starting at $225.

An Easy Upgrade comes with 

  • Guaranteed-to-Lay Hens
  • Bag of Organic Feed
  • Feeder/Waterer
  • Other Equipment & Supplies
  • Private Startup Session
  • Year of Chicken Coaching


portable fencing with chicken rental


This light weight net enclosure gives your hens a defined grazing space. It features a built-in step-through gate and netting at bottom is small enough to keep chicks in. At 48" high, it comes in two lengths: 39' ($110) or 68' ($140). Price includes assembly and custom, on-site setup.


coop apron


Our coop apron offers added protection from digging predators. Wire panels extend a foot out from the coop.

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