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This is a monthly chicken coop rental for up to 6 months. We provide a Coop de Villa with tractor package, extended run and the feed/water system.

We do not provide the chickens. We understand that the benefit of having the chickens included in the package is so that if it’s not the right fit then it can be returned. That is why we decided to offer the option for our clients to sell us their female chickens at the end of the rental if they decide to return the coop because it did not work out for their family. We would refund $25 at the end of the rental for the return of coop and two healthy hens. We would then find a good home for your girls.

$50/month up to 6 months*
$100 minimum, deposit required
$65 + $1/mile, with a $125 minimum from 63052 for both delivery and pickup


*If you decide to keep your full setup, 50% of your rental fee can be applied towards purchase of the full package.


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Coop de Villa with Tractor Package and Run

This design is our Coop de Villa with added tractor package and extended run.


  • Coop is roughly 2ft x 4ft x 40in

  • Lower treated run is roughly 2ft x 6ft x 36in

  • White roof

  • Plywood floor

  • Set of wheels and push bars

  • Coop has a movable perch made with a 2x4 for comfort. It can also be used to clean out the coop with the ridge on it for easy scraping.

  • It has a diamond shape window in front with removable plexiglass for great ventilation and is secured with hard-wire cloth. It is made with never rot PVC trim.

  • It has 2 nesting boxes with drop down door and locking latch. These are removable for easy cleaning.

  • Unlike most coops this one has a huge rear clean out door with locking latch, making cleaning or access a breeze.

  • There is a large floor door for chickens to go to the run under coop, this door also has a 1/4 steel bar lock to keep your girls safe.

  • Lower run, with door and locking latch for exterior access

  • Run is built with treated lumber, comes with 1/2 x 1/2 hardware cloth on the sides for an extra guard to predators and an open floor so the chickens can scratch the ground.

  • Made with primed exterior grade siding, painted blue as one of our standard colors

  • There is a ridge vent at the roof peak and small openings at the bottom part of the roof, similar to how a houses attic is built to help with air flow. The vent runs the length of the roof under the ridge cap.


NOTE: There is no cedar or treated lumber inside the coop. More options are available for add on, please contact us for further details.



Coop de Villa

Extended Run

Feeder/Waterer System

Coop Apron


Dsc 7485


​Attaches to bottom of our tractor style coops to deter digging predators


Price varies
based on coop



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