Fresh Eggs at Your Backdoor.


This rental is a 6 month backyard chicken adventure that can start any time of the year.

We bring you everything you need for fresh, easy eggs at your backdoor: the coop, the feed, the chickens, the feeder and waterer -- and best of all, we're there for you every step of the way as you embark on your backyard chicken adventure.

Our hens are each guaranteed to lay 4 eggs per week during peak laying season (May-September). We choose breeds that are friendly, hardy, good layers.

# of Hens Price
2 $450
3 $500
4 $550

with Portable Chicken Yard, add $100
with Manure Tray, add $20
with Coop Apron, add $50

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Easy Care Coop

Our mobile coops come with wheels and handles, so you can move the coop easily to new spots in your yard. Moving the coop provides several benefits: your chickens get daily access to fresh grass and bugs, the chance of parasites is greatly decreased, and chicken droppings can more easily be absorbed by and fertilize your lawn (rather than building up on a coop floor). 

Hinges, handles, and wheels found at the St. Louis Habitat for Humanity ReStore  give each of our coops a unique personality!​


  • Sturdy construction
  • Attractively stained & sealed
  • Nesting box
  • Roosting bars
  • Two access doors
  • Wheels and handles for ease of moving
  • Removable, easy-care nest pad for clean, cradled eggs
  • Predator-proof enclosure
  • Designed specifically for the St. Louis climate

All Easy Care Coops are 45 inches tall.


Guaranteed-to-Lay Hens

Easy Care Coop

First Bag of Organic Feed


Easy Chicken Hotline

Private Startup Session

Local Regulation Compliance Assistance

Discount on Purchase

50% of your rental fee can be applied towards purchase of the same.

A $1/mile delivery fee applies from 63034.

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