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Consultation Package 1


Easing In with Chickens​

Thinking of getting chickens but not sure where to start? No problem we can sit down and chat about best practices, talk through concerns you may have and share are tips and tricks.


$50 for a 30-60 minute consult at our location (Imperial, MO)
$1/mile for on-site consultation


One Stop Chicken Shop


Hut - Chicken Package - Chicken Coop - Missouri - Illinois -Chickens  - Ducks


We just made chickening easier! We now offer our most popular coop, the Hut in a package deal. You can now get the Hut, with 3 Chickens! Along with the girls you will also be getting a feed/water system, straw, 1 bag of feed, and all of that delivered and setup at your home! We choose breeds that are friendly, hardy, good layers.

Price varies
based on options and location




Consultation Package 2


Backyards Made Easier with Chickens​

Want to run your coop designs by us? Need us to evaluate your space for chickens? We're available. We will come out and take a look at your setup, talk you through our recommendations on how to help improve your coop for the comfort and safety of your chickens.


$50 for a 30-60 minute consult 
$1/mile for on-site consultation


Coop Apron


Dsc 7485


​Attaches to bottom of our tractor style coops to deter digging predators


Price varies
based on coop






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